Unlike a few years ago, dental meetings in 2010 are not full of complaining dentists, but dentists who are gearing up and setting great expectations going forward. That meeting was great. The dentists in Chicago were buying and looking, and it seemed that everyone had a positive outlook. Very positive. There’s not a lot of truly new technology, but people are buying. The group was fired up. Though the crowd was small, ACE dentists are in the cosmetic niche, so they do a lot or elective work. At both meetings, my initial impression from January held true. The three-day conference focused on new ideas for more profitable dentistry. Things are looking up! I’ve seen a cross section of the US and have a perspective of national dentistry attitude. In my office,  we’ve seen a turnaround. Everyone has high expectations for upcoming year. Gary Radz – Continued Positivity at Dental Meetings
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Last time I addressed DentalBlog readers, I was fresh off the January dental meeting in Colorado. Since February, we’ve picked up 25-30%. Since then, I’ve attended a the Chicago Midwinter Conference and the ACE Meeting in Tampa. Even with this small piece of the market, dentists had an encouraging perspective on the future. The great outlook at Chicago was reflected at ACE in Tampa. Hopefully it’s a trend! I think this shows the downturn in research in development a few years ago; it’s catching up now. Published by 

Original source : http://www.dentalblogs.com/archives/gary/gary-radz… As of March, elective dentistry has resurfaced, as well. We’ve done a lot of cosmetic cases and consulted on many that will book soon. The Chicago Midwinter is huge, whereas ACE attracts about 100 dentists.

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